4 Ingenious Ways to Find the Perfect Makeup Artist for Your Wedding

While most brides have a hairstylist they love, not everyone has the perfect wedding make-up artist on hand. Why? Because party, day or evening make-up is well within your typical fashionista’s reach, but professional wedding make-up is nothing short of an art form!

Read these tips to learn how to find the best make-up artist for your wedding. You’re sure to love the total look a true pro can bring to the table when it comes to styling your wedding dress and accessories, hair and theme, all of them balanced just right so that you look picture-perfect!

Tip #1 – Flip through the leading bridal magazines!

Yes, they may have their detractors, but this is a good place to research makeup artists and get a clear picture of the kind of cosmetic effects you can expect from a make-up pro. Apart from judging the styles and techniques of individual artists (some work in pairs too), you’ll get a good idea of various approaches that help create the vintage bride look, or the blushing virginal look, or even a diva bride with dark smoky eyes and deep berry lips! So, you can identify the bridal style and a make-up artist that best suits the look you envision for yourself.

Bridal magazines include a resource list; check the page that lists the make-up artist credits and contact details. Or Google the artist’s name to find out more about their services!

Tip #2 – Head to bridal shops and ask for recommendations.

This is one of the best ways to get advice regarding the best-known local pros in the business of wedding makeup, especially since most bridal boutiques have a great relationship with their favorite artist, and work on a mutually-beneficial basis. That is, boutique owners are eager to recommend vendors who have proven by word-of-mouth to be skilled and reliable, hoping for a return recommendation.

Tip #3 – Draw on recently married friends or brides.

Your friends network is a great untapped ocean of wedding information you can use. So consult with recently-married friends whose grooming tastes you admire, and ask for their make up artist’s contact information. But remember, this approach will only work well if you happen to love your friend’s styling or personal taste!

Tip #4 – Confer with your wedding photographer.

In order to get your desired effect – beautiful wedding makeup committed to photo paper for all time – remember to consult with your wedding photographer on the kind of lighting that will be used for your wedding. Remember, different sources like fluorescent and candlelight, natural light and tungsten lighting all lend a different look to your wedding makeup.

Additionally, ask your wedding photographer if she can recommend a great wedding make-up artist. Typically, these pros will have a portfolio of beautiful brides at hand. If you like how a particular bride looks in the pic, see if your photographer happens to know who did the makeup – if so, they’ll probably be happy to share this with you. After all, a beautiful bride is a happy bride!