Mixing Tiara Combs and Veils

There are a number of choices available with regard to mixing veils and tiara combs. Tiaras and veils are common elements in most weddings. Although more common in traditional weddings, it is not surprising to find more contemporary weddings wherein brides wear tiaras and veils. Except in a few cases, brides often opt to wear a veil. In terms of placing accessories on the hair, the bride can select to wear a traditional tiara or opt for a more functional bridal comb.

There are combs which are plain and unadorned while others are extremely decorative. Plain bridal combs are commonly bought attached to a veil. These types of combs are not meant to be seen and only exist for a functional purpose. As such, an unadorned bridal comb can be easily removed anytime, whenever the bride sees fit.

On the other hand, a decorative bridal comb is meant to be seen and appreciated. These can be purchased attached or separate from the veil. With a veil attached to a decorative tiara comb, the hairstylist or the bride can easily secure the veil and comb in place. It also reduces the number of accessories placed on the head. However, being attached, the bride will have to think twice about removing the decorative bridal comb without leaving her hair somewhat bare. With the comb separate from the veil, it is possible to remove the veil but leave the comb attached to the hairstyle. As the decorative bridal comb is separate from the veil, the hairstylist will have to make sure that both pieces are fastened securely. This reduces the risk of the veil flying or falling off the bride’s head. Some of the possible items used to secure a decorative bridal comb include hair or bobby pins.

A large number of brides may be aware that tiaras and bridal combs exist but may not be as familiar with the wedding accessories known as tiara combs. Tiara combs are a type of decorative bridal comb used to accessorize the bride’s hair. A tiara comb resembles a tiara with the added purpose of being more functional as compared to a tiara. In comparison to a tiara, wedding tiara combs tend to be much more secure than regular tiaras, making them a more practical choice when it comes to weddings.

By acting as a decorative accessory, the tiara comb can enhance the beauty of the hairstyle and other accessories being worn, making the bride more beautiful. From a more functional standpoint, a tiara comb can securely attach the veil on to the bride’s head. Bridal combs are distinguishable and different from other types of combs because of the position of the teeth. With tiara combs, the teeth are slightly tilted, making the ornamented area stand out when the accessory is pushed down along the bride’s hairstyle.

With selecting any type of hair accessory, it is always important to seek the advice of a seasoned hairstylist. As a professional, the hairstylist would be able to provide some suggestions on the type of accessories that will fit the desired look and can also provide the bride the much-needed assurance that her hair will remain gorgeous throughout the wedding day.