Connecting the Dots: Wedding Hairstyle and Venue

Weddings do call for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get that perfect hair to go with the dress. But don’t get too carried away with all the drama, one important thing to consider is location. What’s the hair got to do with the place? Everything.

Whether you have your wedding down at the bay or in a lovely garden, your hair will get most of the pressure from the surroundings. Consider the elements going against it, like the strong wind, the humid air or the dryness of the atmosphere, and the bridal hairdo will have to stay up until the end of the day. Which bridal hair goes to which wedding location?

THE BEACH. Since your greatest enemy will be the wind, why go against it when you can go with it? The idea is for the bride to look laid back and natural. Opt for flower tiaras that aren’t too big or go for fresh flowers for a more subtle approach. Get that updo with side-swept bangs or have your hair look like it was slightly undone. Make sure that there are no strands covering your face and secure everything with pins and some hairspray. Don’t overdo the looping side strands, if they are long enough to reach your shoulders they might look sticky against your skin in the salty sea breeze.

THE GARDEN. Depending on the season and the time of the day for the wedding, garden weddings may be tricky. Since it is still set outdoors, there is a big possibility of your hair getting frizzy or dry. If you are going for a more structured do, better start with the anti-frizz regimen from the roots up. Get down to business with serums or frizz gels and conquer the roots by using hot air in blow-drying. Finish it off with cool drying to close the roots and then apply the finishing touches. If you think you would need a touch up right before the reception, tell your hairstylist ahead of time.

THE WINTER WONDERLAND. Cold and dry surroundings will eat your hair up immediately after stepping out into the snow. The secret? Moisture and conditioning. Set it straight with a moisture regimen recommended by a professional and keep in mind to apply heat-protecting cream before blow-drying. Avoid hair products that contain alcohol since it will contribute to the dryness and further damage rather than preventing it. Top it all with a promenade or styling cream to preserve the moisture and a crystal tiara will certainly make you the most gorgeous ice princess of the ball.

THE INDOORS. In a controlled environment, you may have your hair down if it is appropriate for the theme and the gown. Another hot trend today is to wear your hair up during the ceremony and have half of it down during the reception. This means you get two looks for two separate events and it wouldn’t even take hours to do the switch. Ask your hairdresser about this and have a dry run of both styles way before the wedding.